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Pulgam family has its origin from a small village Medak (Varangal) Andhra Pradesh. The family had migrated to Solapur of their lively hoods. The story of Pulgam textiles begins with Mr. Yambaya Mallaya Pulgam who worked as an handloom employee. In 1949 Mr. Yambaya Mallaya Pulgam with four handlooms built a base for Pulgam Textiles. They started with Handloom Sarees Paras peti and Japani kinara were their famous brand. The achieved eight looms in just 2 years and the flow continued.


Shri. Ramaya Yambaya Pulgam


In 1959 they opened a shop in Sakar peth Solapur for handloom sarees with brand name “Laxmi Narayn Chap Lugdi “ Pulgam earned a goodwill in this business because of the quality they provided.
In 1967 Mr.
Ramaya Yambaya Pulgam started the production of chaddars with just eight looms. Pulgam show room was established in 1968. The business expansion was done in 1973 to 1987 they had 104 looms just from 8 looms. The goodwill in handloom sarees made them easy to tap the market. Today Pulgam chaddars are very famous. People from distance places come for Pulgam chaddars specially the Mayur Pank brand of Pulgam Textiles is very famous.

The quality given is best in the industry, Pulgam had maintained consistency in quality, it’s absolutely prefect and is also awarded by World Economic Progress Society, New Delhi and Indian Economic Development Association, New Delhi for the best quality production and high performance in textile industry.